Dance Your Way Into Empathy
Experience Interactive Empathy Building Through Movement
Move Your Team Towards Empathy
Encountering empathy through the body, through learning, through change, is a powerful experience. When all three happen at the same time the convergence increases the potential for Ah-Ha moments.
Key Concepts
  • Cycle of Change
  • Interruptions + Resistance
  • Acceptance + Shift of the Will
  • Empathy 
Andrew’s empathy-building tap dance workshop enabled each participant to leave with an embodied understanding of empathy and an understanding of the “self” through a meaningful, engaging, and memorable learning experience.
Elif Gokcigdem
Founding President
ONE – Organization of Networks for Empathy
Related Work
Andrew's chapter in Designing for Empathy describes three aspects of formation required for synchronicity to occur – synchronicity being one of the attributes of empathy. The key learning that Andrew presents from is time training tap dancers is around the kinds of practices any team can use build a culture that naturally promotes empathy.
The Three Things
  • Communal Imagination
  • Expanded Listening
  • Common Context 

Key Understandings

  • Three key concepts associated with synchronicity – a noted aspect of empathy.
  • The profound connection between personal and communal experience.
  • Navigation of different stages of empathy building.

Key Takeaways

  • Ability to execute basic tap dance movements.
  • An embodied experience of empathy building within a group context.
  • A new metaphor for building empathy personally and communally.
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